YOU NEED TO KNOW WHERE WE ARE! Possible FLASH DIP in Bitcoin and the Ripple XRP Price Chart!

The digital asset market is in an interesting place right now when we review how the entire bear market has played out. We have essentially followed exactly how Bitcoin has performed over the previous decade, without deviating from its typical behavior.

However, if that were to continue, we would need to expect some type of a flash crash down to $6,000 for Bitcoin relatively soon. Will this happen? Well, I’m not an oracle or a fortune teller. All I can do is perform technical analysis to the best of my ability, and give my opinion on which way I think the markets will swing based on the information I see on the charts. Right now, I would find it more likely that Bitcoin would swing to $6,000 in a flash, taking out all leveraged long positions and hitting all the long stop positions, rather than letting them all get a free ride to the moon.

Since we see the Bitcoin Dominance resting on the support, this may be a move that is mostly applied to Bitcoin, as the Bitcoin Dominance will break supports.

I would expect the Ripple XRP chart to dip to $0.175 in this case of a flash fall in Bitcoin. But I would also expect a quick recovery.

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  1. The drop you saw back in 2017 was the negative news on bitcoin. The hardfork was announced, bitcoin Cash, Segwit2x and same people sad that day that bitcoin will be hacked in a couple of years. Look at the news from 10-11-17 to 12-11-2017

  2. Not playing with this one. Haven't done any swing trading or trend trading since the bottom. We're right at the edge aren't we. You better know what you're doing on this one. Crazy times are coming.

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  6. flash dip started as you expected. maybe not quite as large if it holds, but great call. Thats why i continue to watch all of your videos! great stuff

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